Stereo Alpha Egg Chair

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Product Description

Exclusively at Inmod, the modPod Egg Chair is a must-have. Paying homage to the Lee West classic Stereo Alpha Chair, this inspired reproduction has been given a 21st century facelift and an arsenal of available upgrades and customization options. Experience the ultimate in sound isolation home theater retro lounging in style your way. Each of our Egg Chairs are handcrafted in the USA and custom-made to your specifications.

Sound Isolation / Clear Accoustics & Audiophile Sound
The unconventional shape and construction of the Stereo Alpha Egg Chair make it perfect for both sound isolation and excellent accoustics. Its chamber-like shape and upholstered interior cancels out most outside noise, providing a unique environment for meditation, relaxation and just getting away from it all. Not only is it perfect for home use, but this dynamic has also made the Stereo Alpha Egg Chair a desirable tool in the field of psychology.

Listen to your favorite CD, watch a movie, or play video games in surround sound like never before. The Stereo Alpha Egg Chair comes standard with speakers, which can be connected via speaker wire to your receiver or home entertainment system. Add a tactile transducer and experience sound vibration and enhanced bass, virtually transforming your Egg Chair into a subwoofer. Or opt for the MP3 package instead, and transform your chair into a high-impact MP3 audio speaker. Simply plug in your portable device and listen to music the way it was intended to be heard. Its right and left speakers will create the ideal listening dynamic for any audiophile or music lover.

Home & Commercial Use
Inmod is the leading provider of custom egg chairs for commercial and personal use. Manufactured in the United states by skilled fiberglass molders & upholsterers, our egg chairs have been featured in commercials, films, trade show displays, and furnished in thousands of homes all over the world.

The construction has been designed to withstand heavy use and is highly durable. All fabrics within our offerings have been rated for flame and stain resistance, and feature high rub counts, making them ideal for commercial or home use.

If our fabric selections aren't enough to satisfy your creative appetite, Inmod also accommodates C.O.M. (customer's own material). If you have your own fabric that you would like us to use, please call us at 1-877-22-INMOD. You will need six yards of fabric for the chair and two additional yards for the ottoman.

History of the Egg Chair
There is something special about the Egg Chair that reaches out and makes people smile as soon as they see the famous shape. Ever since the debut of the original at 1964 World's Fair in Flushing, NY this design has fascinated the public on many levels. The sleek design that was cutting edge in the 1960s is still modern but with retro appeal as well. The chair has devoted followers around the world not just because of its timeless design but thanks to the entertainment experience captured within. Whether with just the surround sound speakers or with the optional tactile transducer, the listening experience inside the Egg Chair is unlike any other...detailed, immersive, visceral and fun.

38"w x 40"d x 52" h
175 lbs shipping weight
  • Minimum of 29 x 79.5 doorway required
  • Lounge in style and comfort in your very own home theater chair.
  • Experience the ultimate sound isolation for an immersive experience.
  • Get a retro look that's perfect for any contemporary home.
  • Enjoy improved mental clarity in a distraction-free environment.
  • Experience a deeper level of meditation and contemplation.
  • Enjoy your favorite music, movies, and video games in surround sound.
  • Connect the chair to your home entertainment system or receiver.
  • Highly durable and able to withstand heavy use
  • Flame and stain resistant
  • Variety of fabric color and shell colors to choose from.

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