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Since 2003, Inmod has been THE destination for quality iconic ball chairs. Inmod offers in-stock models in stylish color schemes. Taking the famous ball chair design to new heights, Inmod also offers a fully customizable Ball Chair that accommodates audiophile sound integration options including MP3 player connectivity.

Designed by Eero Aarnio in 1963 (and debuting in 1967), the Ball Chair became an iconic specimen of Mid-Century design. Unlike any mass-produced chair before it, the Ball Chair featured a space-age look that inspired the "atomic-era" sub-genre of mid-20th century design. The concept was simple -- a room within a room. The clever execution of this design earned it instant appeal worldwide. It offered an entirely new perspective and approach to "lounging."

Eero Aarnio conceived the Ball Chair design shortly after moving into his first home in 1962. He aimed to create a lounge chair that functioned as an environment surrounding its occupant. In refining his sketches, the shape became so simple that it evolved into merely a ball. The Ball Chair was created through a moulding process and was constructed of fiberglass. Its upholstered interior offered a plush seating surface, sleek styling and 360 degrees of noise cancelling cushioned panels. His final touch was the installation of his home telephone, which served not only as a personal convenience, but as an illustration of the endless possibilities the design offered as a personal space.

Since 2003, Inmod's interpretations have re-imagined the classic Ball Chair design in ways that push the concept to new heights. Adapted for modern day living, Inmod offers two commercially-suitable models that offer enhanced personalization designed for today:

Our Eero Aarnio Ball Chair model offers the quality and aesthetic of the original (with an emphasis on complete accuracy), and expands on the visual customization options. It can be special-ordered in over a dozen exterior shell colors, in either a glossy or matte finish, and upholstered in dozens of different fabrics including Gabriel of Denmark fabrics (commonly used in the original design, as well Italian Cottons, Belgian Cotton/Linen Blends, and Danish & New Zealand Wools.

Our American-Made Stereo Ball model also offers an endless array of shell & fabric combinations but pushes the room-within-a-room concept to new heights and offers tech-upgrades and add-ons designed for today's lounging needs. Available upgrades include the addition of speakers, MP3 & Bluetooth connectivity and a matching ottoman.