Modern Bar & Counter Stools


Modern Bar Stools + Counter Stools

Sturdy, practical, and never compromising on style. Update your space with modern bar stools + counter stools.

Sigfred BarstoolSigfred Counter StoolSigfred Velvet BarstoolSigfred Velvet Counter StoolNorman Bar StoolNorman Counter StoolKent Counter StoolKent Bar StoolKiersten Counter StoolKiersten Bar StoolBailey Bar / Counter StoolDallas Bar StoolDallas Counter StoolErik Buch Bar StoolErik Buch Counter StoolErik Buch Swivel StoolBastille Bar StoolBastille Counter StoolMolded Plastic Bar Stool with Wood LegsMolded Plastic Counter Stool with Wood LegsColin Bar / Counter StoolBertoia Bar StoolPeyton Bar / Counter StoolBertoia Counter StoolSven Counter StoolEquino Bar StoolChloe-B Bar StoolChloe-C Counter StoolGenoa BarstoolWedge Bar StoolBastille Bar Stool with BackAluminum Cafe Bar StoolAluminum Cafe Counter StoolYvonne Potter Timber Bar StoolYvonne Potter Timber Counter StoolLayla Bar StoolLayla Counter StoolIsabella-B Bar StoolIsabella-C Counter StoolMarius Bar StoolMarius Counter StoolRyland Adjustable StoolLollipop StoolMolded Fiberglass Bar Stool with Wood LegsLasso StoolCriss Cross Bar StoolCriss Cross Counter StoolBastille Upholstered Cafe Bar StoolEloise Bar StoolEloise Counter StoolDresden Swivel BarstoolLux Velvet StoolEclipse Counter ChairShea Counter StoolBrielle-B Bar StoolBrielle-C Counter StoolBastille Counter Stool with BackBastille Counter Stool with Low BackHerman Bar StoolHasina-B Bar StoolHasina-C Counter StoolEtta Counter StoolSean Dix Backless Panda Bar StoolSean Dix Backless Panda Counter StoolTendy Bar StoolFashion Bar ChairTendy Counter StoolSmithen StoolSven StoolAaron-B Bar StoolAaron-C Counter StoolMetro Counter StoolSean Dix Tomoko Bar StoolSean Dix Tomoko Counter StoolWhitworth Drafting StoolWhitworth Drafting Stool with Wood SeatTower Bar StoolTower Counter StoolSean Dix Panda Bar StoolSean Dix Panda Counter StoolAndersen Allegra Bar StoolAndersen Allegra Counter StoolIce Adjustable StoolBaruch-B Bar StoolBaruch-C Counter StoolClemens Bar StoolClemens Counter StoolNorman Bar Stool with Steel LegsRudy Adjustable StoolSean Dix Flat StoolWerks Stool - CloseoutWeston StoolVinnie-C Counter StoolMarina BarstoolCam-B Bar StoolHopkins Counter StoolCam-C Counter StoolMatteo Adjustable StoolFreeman Bar StoolFreeman Counter StoolIce BarstoolBoone BarstoolGiro Bar StoolGiro Counter StoolAdna-C Counter StoolAdna-B Bar StoolBoheme StoolPhoenix Sit-Stand StoolWinter Bar StoolDelancy BarstoolDelancy Counter StoolFlorence Tufted Leather StoolKarlsen Bar StoolKarlsen Counter StoolMolded Fiberglass Counter Stool with Wood LegsType A Bar StoolZip Counter ChairAriana Swivel Counter StoolMorrison BarstoolSkol Bar StoolMorrison Counter StoolLisbon Bar StoolLisbon Counter StoolGarda BarstoolEtta Bar StoolSoho Counter StoolDarwen Bar StoolDarwen Counter StoolSmart Counter ChairIce Counter StoolHarlow Steel Counter StoolSmart Bar ChairEclipse Bar ChairOxygen Bar StoolKirsten Bar StoolKirsten Counter StoolLawrence Counter StoolLed Swivel StoolMoncasa Whitney StoolAmeri Bar StoolAmeri Counter StoolPop Bar StoolAnime BarstoolFreeman Light Brown Bar StoolFreeman Light Brown Counter StoolZola Bar StoolZola Counter StoolGenoa Bar StoolGenoa Counter StoolNew York Leather StoolLids Bar StoolLids Counter StoolMaiden Counter StoolElise Velvet Counter StoolLed BarstoolArchitect Bar StoolArchitect Counter StoolWire Bar StoolWire Counter StoolJam Counter StoolMiller-C Swivel Counter StoolMiller-B Swivel Bar StoolJam Adjustable StoolCoiled StoolCoiled Counter StoolBridget Steel BarstoolBridget Steel Counter StoolJam Bar StoolClub Beaumont Counter StoolLed Counter StoolZip Bar StoolBridget Bar StoolTigris Counter StoolTerra Counter StoolCorona Counter StoolCosmos Counter StoolCosmos Bar StoolLexi BarstoolLexi Swivel BarstoolAshlar Stool / Accent TableBridget Counter StoolConfidence Counter StoolClub Beaumont BarstoolBailey Steel BarstoolAviva Steel Adjustable BarstoolL'eau Adjustable StoolCougar Bar StoolFaith Counter StoolUppsala Counter StoolAir BarstoolVaughn Counter StoolVaughn Bar StoolL'eau Bar StoolHyku Bar StoolPorter Swivel Bar StoolHyku Counter StoolRiley-B Bar StoolCondor SG BarstoolCondor SGT BarstoolColby Adjustable Bar StoolPiazza BarstoolSoda Bar StoolShadow Bar StoolCaroline-C Counter StoolIsabella Steel BarstoolSwing Adjustable StoolRome Adjustable StoolSpencer Counter StoolPadma Bar StoolMoncasa Sahara StoolPadma Counter StoolDraco Adjustable Bar/Counter StoolChi Bar StoolChi Counter StoolDolemite Counter StoolAmelie Steel BarstoolRiver Counter StoolVintage Bar StoolSan Blas Bar ChairJune SG BarstoolJune SGT BarstoolSan Blas Counter ChairVintage Counter StoolHadley Steel Counter StoolTribecca Bar StoolMilo Gas StoolWireback Counter StoolBuck Adjustable StoolMatthews Swivel Counter StoolZach-B Bar StoolZach-C Counter StoolCedric Bar StoolElio Gunmetal Bar StoolElio Gunmetal Counter StoolBrut Bar StoolCyd Bar/Counter StoolEvelina Bar StoolDazzer Bar StoolCamille Bar StoolCamille Counter StoolKami Bar StoolKami Counter StoolQuad Pod Adjustable StoolFern Steel Adjustable BarstoolL'eau Counter StoolJam W StoolColter Bar StoolColter Counter StoolColter Adjustable StoolAkron BarstoolAkron Counter StoolLewis Adjustable StoolAaron Stackable Counter StoolAaron Adjustable StoolAaron Stackable Bar StoolHayden Bar StoolHayden Counter StoolEska Counter StoolNew York Swivel StoolSatine Bar StoolSatine Counter StoolGustavo Adjustable Bar StoolAndrea Steel BarstoolAndrea Steel Counter StoolReykjavik Counter StoolSamir Gas StoolSoar Bar StoolKees Counter StoolAlexander Adjustable StoolMoor Bar StoolMoor Counter StoolJericho Counter StoolFreddy Adjustable Bar/Counter StoolAlba Counter StoolMarissa Counter StoolChecks StoolAnn Steel BarstoolAnn Steel Counter StoolAmir Bar StoolZenn Nellie Counter StoolKathy Steel Adjustable BarstoolPalma Bar StoolPalma Counter StoolHoward Bar StoolJulie Adjustable BarstoolMilo Counter StoolPortland Adjustable StoolKailee Adjustable StoolAkito Counter StoolEastvale 30" Metal Bar StoolAddo Ring CounterstoolBoone Counter StoolBend Goods Lucy Counter StoolTulip 30" Bar Height StoolTulip 26" Counter Height StoolLAX Series Bar StoolLAX Series Backless Bar StoolEthan Bar StoolParis 30" Bar Height Stool with BackBristow Metal Backless Bar StoolFranklin Counter StoolAdele Swivel Bar StoolCafe Adjustable Painted Bar StoolIbiza Adjustable Bar StoolAkron Adjustable StoolSoli Counter StoolCleveland 50's Soda Fountain Bar Stool IIEleanor Bar StoolBarclay Bar ChairCafe Adjustable Bar StoolCleveland 50's Soda Fountain Bar Stool IOslo Adjustable Bar StoolBouchon Bar StoolMimosa 30" Bar Height StoolDarin Bar StoolSanctuary Bar StoolGel-SGA StoolAxis Counter StoolGarretson Counter StoolSonic Bar StoolBarclay Counter StoolParis 30" Bar Height Stool without BackJanet 24" Counter StoolAdele Iron Wire StoolKink BarstoolNew Castle 26" Metal Bar StoolSummerset Counter StoolPlaya StoolHans Wegner Elbow Bar / Counter StoolZurich 26" Counter StoolAxis Bar StoolForbes Teak Square StoolIntel Bar StoolCeleb Bar StoolRenee Adjustable StoolShark StoolZurich Counter StoolSolvang 26" Counter StoolLez Piston StoolLinda Bar StoolLinda Counter StoolModrest T1138 - Contemporary Eco-Leather Bar StoolKink Counter StoolWayne Upholstery Counter StoolRegis Milo Counter StoolKara 26" Counter StoolMalibu BarstoolSolo Bar Stool in Reclaimed TeakStanton 24" Bar StoolAtlantis Counter StoolTabitha Iron Chain StoolSean Dix Backless Panda StoolBongo Lamp-StoolZuma Adjustable BarstoolLiam Etched StoolZurich 30" BarstoolOliver StoolWayne Counter StoolZuma Swivel BarstoolRivet Aluminum StoolCafe Swivel BarstoolZig Zag Woven Wire StoolArtecnica Kaktus StoolAubrey BarstoolHammersmith Metal Table StoolFrank Gehry Left Twist CubeCafe BarstoolDraco-C Counter StoolDraco-B Bar StoolIridium Iron StoolTwo Glaze Ceramic Square Cube StoolFrank Gehry Color CubeFox 30" BarstoolHarbor 26" Counter StoolSoli BarstoolMinidoka Round StoolRinaldo StoolForrest Metal Table StoolMarrisa-B Bar StoolHarbor 30" BarstoolTiki StoolAidan Hammered Aluminum StoolFrank Gehry Three Sided CubeSonia 30" BarstoolDane Counter ChairSean Dix Basso StoolVinne-C Counter StoolGunnar Cube Aluminum StoolMillenia Bar ChairMetal Lace Table StoolWayne Upholstery BarstoolWayne BarstoolCanyon Teak Round StoolFaceted StoolHippo Top StoolLana BarstoolOdin Round Hammered StoolButterfly Swivel BarstoolBardo StoolJaco StoolUra-C Counter StoolAtlantis BarstoolHogan Iron Drum StoolKoshi StoolConversation BlocksVignelli CubeFolio Counter StoolFolio BarstoolAstrid Small Hammered StoolOpen Grid StoolKara 30" BarstoolUra-B Bar StoolLeila Iron Wire StoolTyler BarstoolPalma Adjustable StoolTioga StoolCowley StoolBolla Core Stackable StoolScott Adjustable Bar/Counter StoolKestrel Balance StoolJava BarstoolSedona Metal Art Table StoolFrank Gehry Right Twist CubeNova BarstoolNadia Woven Wire StoolRidged Ceramic StoolScallop Ceramic StoolAztec Metal Table StoolBamboo Stool/Accent TableGuildsman Metal Table StoolMalibu Swivel Bar StoolTudor Backless Leather Counter StoolBoston Swivel Bar StoolDrake 26" Contemporary Swivel Counter StoolDelmar Adjustable Bar StoolCleo 30" Modern Swivel Bar StoolEclipse BarstoolTudor Counter StoolTudor Bar StoolCleo 26" Modern Swivel Counter StoolRingo Backless Bar StoolBoston Swivel Counter StoolTudor Backless Fabric Bar StoolSolvang 30" BarstoolAnabel BarstoolAnabel Counter StoolAthena BarstoolAthena Counter StoolArgenta BarstoolGabriella BarstoolGabriella Counter StoolGina BarstoolGina Counter StoolGina Gas Lift BarstoolMilano Swivel BarstoolParis BarstoolParis Counter StoolSabrina BarstoolSabrina Counter StoolRegal Barstool
Our modern stools are designed for comfort, while possessing the kind of innate style that can't be ignored. With hundreds of stools to choose from, there's something for every style home and budget. Our collection of modern stools includes bar stools, counter stools, and a wide range of styles including leather stools, retro stools, adjustable stools, and modern classics inspired by some of the most well known designers.