Modern Wall Sconces


Wall Sconces

Cosmic Wall SconceSparkle Wall SconcePalisade Wall LampAgron 4-Light Flush Mount - E300041100-1W Wall Sconce ShelfConico 1-Light Wall Sconce - E20413Misha Wall LampWink 1-Light Wall Sconce - E20540Cove SconceBedside Sconce Globe LampFlaven Wall SconceCulver SconceSerpentine 3-Light Track LightAgron 3-Light Flush Mount - E30001Elsa SconceGuest Room Desk SconceAgron 3-Light Flush Mount - E30003Brace SconceConico 2-Light Wall Sconce - E20412Kobe SconceVilo 1-Light Wall SconceDomus SconceDuo SconceVilo 1-Light Wall SconceChiasso 5" Outdoor Wall LightVilo 1-Light Wall LightSolana SconceElsa Capiz Shell 8" Wall LightCO-OWB052 Chiasso 5" Outdoor Wall LightVilo 1-Light Wall LightFilm Wall LampFrosted Wall LampSwing Sconce
Light every inch of your home while maintaining seamless design flow from room to room with our expansive collection of modern wall sconces. Designed to mount to a wall, Inmod's sconces are perfect for lighting long, narrow spaces or for brightening a room without harsh overhead lighting. With a versatile array of designs and styles, our modern wall sconce collection offers designs for every home.