Modern Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy the fresh air and warm sun with all the comforts of the indoors by browsing our collection of modern outdoor furniture. Whether you're lounging poolside or entertaining guests at a summer barbecue, Inmod has all your outdoor living needs covered with an expansive collection of dining and side chairs, lounge chairs, sofa sets, dining sets, benches, coffee, and side tables.

I'm searching for comfortable chairs for my outdoor barbecue area. What would you recommend?

With our outdoor dining and side chair collection, you can enjoy comfortable seats that will last for years. Our dining and side chairs are versatile and reliable, making them top choices for patios, sunrooms, barbecue areas and other outdoor spaces. Each of our chairs also allows you to add a distinct touch to any outdoor area, as we offer plenty of chairs to match any space's dcor. Give your guests luxurious seats so they can relax and enjoy their time with family and friends outside with our outdoor dining and side chair collection.

What type of outdoor chairs would you recommend for lounging?

Whether you're looking to relax after a long day at the office or simply want to enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather, our outdoor lounge chairs and chaise lounges make it simple for you to rest comfortably in style and luxury. Our outdoor lounge chair and chaise lounge collection includes myriad designs -- everything from bunny chairs to farmhouse seats -- to complement any outdoor space's dcor. In addition, our outdoor patio furniture collection is constructed from the best materials, ensuring every seat will maintain its quality for years. Provide comfortable seating on your back patio, front porch or any outdoor area with our outdoor lounge chairs and chaise lounges.

What type of seats would you recommend for my outdoor bar?

Outdoor stools are perfect for those who want to provide comfortable seating to guests at their outdoor bar. Our outdoor stool collection consists of a variety of options, including coral stools and tiki stools, that allow you to decorate your outdoor space however you choose. Furthermore, our outdoor stools provide exceptional comfort day after day, and our stool are constructed from world-class materials will ensure their quality for an extended period of time. Offer your guests deluxe seats they can enjoy any time they visit your outdoor oasis with our outdoor stools.

Why should I consider an outdoor ottoman for my back patio?

With our outdoor benches and ottomans, you'll never have to worry about providing your guests with comfortable seating. Our outdoor benches and ottomans are exceptionally crafted from the best materials, guaranteeing every guest can rest comfortably. Plus, our benches and ottomans are available in exquisite designs that will complement any outdoor space's dcor. We also provide a mix of traditional and modern seats, each of which can help you make your outdoor area a cozy, relaxing space. Add stylish, practical seating to your back patio, front porch or any outdoor space with one of our outdoor benches and ottomans.

I'm looking for a high-quality, rectangular outdoor dining table for my sunroom. What would you recommend?

Provide your guests with a spacious dining area with one of our outdoor dining tables. Each of our tables offers exceptional comfort that will make it perfect for outdoor dining areas such as sunrooms and back porches. Our outdoor dining tables blend exquisite designs with amazing style, allowing you to give your guests a wonderful spot to enjoy the great outdoors while they eat. And with square, rectangular and other top-notch dining table designs readily available, you're sure to find an outdoor dining table that you can enjoy for years to come. Transform your outdoor space into a one-of-a-kind dining area with our outdoor dining table collection.

I'm searching for a versatile yet practical outdoor bar table. What would you recommend?

Our outdoor bar tables make it easy for guests to enjoy their drinks or snacks while they converse with one another in a comfortable setting. Each of our outdoor bar tables is constructed from first-rate materials that will help it maintain its quality for an extended period of time. Plus, our outdoor bar table collection includes folding tables, counter tables and other deluxe options that will fit perfectly in any outdoor space. Give your guests a top-notch table where they can drink and snack outdoors with one of our outdoor bar tables.

I want to be able to enjoy my morning coffee in my sunroom. What type of table would you recommend?

Our outdoor coffee tables are phenomenal choices for back porches, sunrooms and other outdoor spaces. Each of our coffee tables includes the best materials, ensuring every table serves as a versatile, dependable option. In addition, our outdoor coffee tables come in a variety of shapes of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect table for any outdoor setting. Whether you're looking for an outdoor table where you can enjoy your morning coffee or simply converse with family members and friends, you're sure to appreciate the luxury and style of our outdoor coffee table collection.

I'm looking for a side table I can place next to my grill that will maintain its quality for years to come. What would you recommend?

Our outdoor side tables are ideal to place near a grill or swimming pool. With our outdoor side table collection, you can reap the benefits of a well-constructed table that you can enjoy for years to come. Each of our outdoor side tables features exceptional quality and a versatile design. Also, our outdoor side tables include cube ottomans, accent tables and other deluxe options, making it simple to find a table that complements any outdoor space's dcor. Treat yourself to a luxury side table that is built to last -- an outdoor side table from our collection.

What type of dining set would you recommend for my barbecue area?

With our outdoor dining sets, your guests can sit comfortably while they enjoy delectable barbecue. Our outdoor dining set collection includes everything you'll need to transform a traditional outdoor space into one your guests won't want to leave. Each of our dining sets is spacious, giving your guests plenty of space where they can enjoy their food and converse with one another. Plus, our dining sets are versatile and sturdy, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Make it easy for your guests to eat comfortably any time they visit with one of our outdoor dining sets and modern outdoor furniture collection.

I'm looking to set up an outdoor bar. What will I need?

With our outdoor bar sets, you'll have everything you need to set up the outdoor bar of your dreams. Each of our outdoor bar sets offers ample space, giving you plenty of room to make one-of-a-kind drinks for your guests. In addition, our outdoor bar set collection is constructed from deluxe materials and is designed to maintain its quality for years to come. When it comes to creating a comfortable outdoor bar setting, you can set up a wonderful environment your guests are sure to enjoy with our outdoor bar sets.

What type of sofa can I place outdoors on my back patio?

Our outdoor sofa sets allow you to bring the comfort of your living room into any outdoor setting. Each of our sofa sets offers outstanding comfort that your guests are sure to appreciate. And along with a vast array of styles and designs at your disposal, our collection of outdoor sofa sets empowers you to find exactly what you need to create a distinct outdoor environment. Choose one of our outdoor sofa sets, and you can enhance the quality of any sunroom, back patio or other outdoor setting quickly and easily.

I want to give my guests a comfortable spot where they can tan outdoors. What would you recommend?

When it comes to outdoor relaxation, you can't go wrong with one of our hammocks or pool pads. With our hammock and pool pad collection, you'll be able to provide your guests with a comfortable place to relax where they can catch rays while they enjoy their time outdoors. Furthermore, each of our hammocks and pool pads combines the best in quality with exceptional modern style, ensuring you'll be able to find one that matches your outdoor setting perfectly. Transform your backyard, sunroom or any outdoor environment into a luxurious oasis with one of our hammocks and pool pads.

What are the key benefits of deck tiles?

Want to maintain the quality of your deck for years to come? Install deck tiles from our collection, and you can enjoy a pristine deck for an extended period of time. Crafted from world-class hardwood, our slat deck tiles deliver amazing quality that you can enjoy day after day. Plus, our deck tiles can help you add a touch of style and elegance to any outdoor setting, helping you transform this environment into a comfortable hangout spot. Enhance the quality of your deck instantly with deluxe tiles from our collection.

How can I add a touch of my personal style to my garden?

With our garden dcor collection, it is easy to transform an ordinary garden into one that stands apart from your neighbors'. Our modern outdoor furniture collection consists of one-of-a-kind dcor that you can use in gardens of all shapes and sizes. Also, our garden dcor is designed to maintain its quality for an extended period of time, ensuring you can continue to use it year after year. Take advantage of stylish, luxurious garden dcor that is built to last with our garden dcor collection.