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Modern Room Dividers

Ideal for lofty spaces and small studios, mid-century modern room dividers are a stylish solution that creates distinct spaces in your home. Inmod's expansive collection of modern room dividers helps you create the spaces and privacy you need without sacrificing the chic style of your home. Our collection includes traditional, functional, and aesthetic partitions as well as storage dividers that double as space for displaying books or decorative décor.


Divide your home into spaces that make sense for you. It's easy with our modern partition walls to separate your space and meet your exact needs all while adding a hint of style. Choose from our hand selected collection of folding screens, lighted screens, and privacy screens to create the floor plan you've always wanted.

Storage Dividers

Keep your children's toys and accessories stored and organized while introducing them to great modern style by browsing our collection of children's storage dividers. Our children's storage pieces are offered in sizes that are perfect for children and in styles that adhere to modern designs while also being vibrant enough to appeal to children. Beyond smart styles, our collection offers everything you need to promote a clutter-free environment in your little one's bedroom.

Shop with Inmod today for all your modern furniture needs. Between our modern room dividers, partitions, and storage dividers, we can help you organize your space and provide more privacy for yourself and others. With free shipping straight to your door, it’s never been easier to decorate and restyle your home than with Inmod. If you have any questions, you can also feel free to contact our experts today; we look forward to assisting you.