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Serve meals with the same kind of style the rest of your home enjoys. Inmod makes it easy with our quality collection of modern dishware. Choose from glass plates, appetizer plates, serving bowls, teakwood bowls, and more. Bring style to the table with our wonderful collection of dishware.
What type of dishware would you recommend for someone who hosts large family dinners frequently?

Did you know your dishware can be both practical and stylish? That's right, and our dishware collection includes high-quality plates, trays, bowls and other items that you can enjoy for years to come. With everything from deluxe appetizer plates to stylish teakwood bowls, our dishware collection delivers a wonderful mix of form and functionality. Meanwhile, our dishware comes in myriad designs, enabling you to find items that will match your kitchen's dcor. Discover first-rate dishware that you can use for celebratory dinners or everyday meals with our dishware collection.