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The right vase not only holds flowers and branches that enhance your home, but offers style that does as well. We’ve put together a collection of modern vases that does just that, complementing your home as they display beautiful blooms. While many think of something more traditional when they consider adding a vase to their home, there are plenty of modern table vases that complement an updated aesthetic. These aren’t the same pieces of decor that your grandmother would have in her home. In fact, a carefully selected mid-century modern vase can catapult your home’s look into to present. Our collection of vases includes a diverse range of looks from simple to intricate designs and classic to modern styles. Talented artists also carefully craft the vases in our inventory out of glass or ceramic, adding to the eye-catching appeal they bring to your house. With their subtle yet impactful charm, they even suit a series of different flower or foliage types, allowing you to mix and match the blooms you use in your home at will. We’re confident that there’s something for everyone in this collection of modern vases. So don’t miss out on a chance to make a big impact on your home’s style in a very simple way.