Numbra Wall Clock


Numbra Wall Clock

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Numbra Wall Clock

Are you searching for a unique and stylish way to tell time in your home or business? Then look no further than this unique Numbra Wall Clock. The stamped numbers are made of metal and add lots of character to the clock. Create your own clock, using a wall as the board. You can scale it for any size and it comes in a variety of colors. You will receive the adhesives needed to put it on the wall and it will require batteries to run.


  • Ultra chic and modern DIY wall clock
  • Exciting, slightly playful design will keep your guests talking
  • Designed by Jordan Murphy
  • Select a color to best enhance your contemporary décor
  • Customize the size of the clock
  • Unique, borderless design can be easily incorporated into any space
  • Twelve individual stamped metal numbers
  • Boasts a variety of fonts
  • Includes a mounting template of 21.7" diameter for your convenience
  • Requires batteries
  • 3M adhesives for mounting are included
  • Ideal for display in modern homes and offices

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