Thinking Big in Small Spaces


The definition of a nest is: “A snug retreat or refuge, a resting place, a home.” No matter how large or small your nest is, one of the most exciting things to do is to decorate your nest according to your own taste, personality or lifestyle. But what if your Nest is so tiny that you are faced with the challenge of decorating with no room to do so? Well, welcome the challenge with open arms, and you will discover that with some creativity your tiny nest can be utilized to be the perfect “home.”

Here are some helpful tips in decorating a small space:

Wall Lattice  

Get Rid Of Extra Clutter
Declutter your sweet little nest by getting rid of objects that just take up space and are of no use to you. This process will not only give you physical room for decorating and utilizing your space, but surprisingly will uplift your emotional spirit as well, guaranteed! If you do however feel compelled to keep some objects or knick knacks that you just can not part with, wall shelving such as the Lorenzo Wall Lattice, would be helpful in maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Create Illusion with Color
By choosing the right paint color you can project the illusion of a larger space, as well as create a mood in any room of your nest. By painting two opposite walls the same color, ideally a deep rich color, a feeling of depth will be created and your tiny space will look larger.

Kenshoma Square Mirror  

Mirror On The Wall
Mirrors are another great way to provide the illusion of space by providing a way for you to play with light and reflections. For a more retro inspired home the Crono Oval Mirror will provide the perfect look and function. The Kenshoma Square Mirror is another unique mirror perfect for a bedroom or a living room made of hand woven hyacinth on a teak wood frame.100% handmade and perfect for any modern setting.

You can never have too many mirrors!


Use Larger Furniture
In order to create the illusion of a larger space, use larger scaled furniture to decorate. The” less is more” approach should also be followed; a common misconception that can often be debated is that filling up a space with lots of smaller pieces will make the room appear bigger, where on the contrary the mixing of smaller pieces of furniture tends to make a room look much smaller, congested, and claustrophobic. The Harmony sofa, with its chic, mod look is perfect in providing the look of a larger scaled piece of furniture, allowing the space to look larger. Also, opt for solid colored upholstery, no patterns please. Patterns will just provide a more cluttered look.


Hide The Chords
Minimize the look of clutter by providing a hiding place for electronics, gadgets, CDs and DVDs. The Legare 24 x 53” media stand will provide the perfect storage space for your TV, small speakers, DVD’s or CDs on its four outer shelves.

  Multifunctional Furniture
Another way to enlarge and take full advantage of the space provided in your sweet nest is by selecting furniture that serves more than one purpose, the two for one deal. Examples of such marvels are: the ultra mod Futaba Coffee Table which easily converts into a loveseat, ideal for a small setting. The Futaba is made of hand crafted bamboo plywood which can be upholstered in your choice of Carnegie fabric. A futon is another great choice for a small space. The Morph futon sofa, an ultra stylish sofa which easily converts to a bed, allows for a quick transformation from living room to bedroom in a jiffy.
  Create A Mood With Light
Allow lamps and chandeliers to help you create a mood and atmosphere in your space. The right light can really change the look of the room, whether it is lit or just on display. The BigMod Sputnik Lamp for example, will transform a setting, making it the focal point in any space and creating an illuminated wonderland.

Enjoy Your Space
Go ahead and relax in your large or small nest, after all this is the place you call home…