USA-Made Eco-Friendly Furniture New At Inmod


HARRINGTON PARK, NJ (November 9, 2010) – Inmod, a leading online retailer of modern furniture, is pleased to announce the addition of Shiner to their expanding product line. Shiner, a manufacturer of modern furnishings and lighting solutions, uses unique materials to create contemporary designs. With environmentally conscious materials and manufacturing techniques, Shiner is the ideal addition to Inmod’s eco-friendly segment of modern furniture.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, all of the furnishings and lighting from Shiner is made in the United States. Each piece is made from sustainable materials: 85% recycled steel and 100% recycled cardboard. The plywood used is harvested from responsible farms, while all hardwood is taken from leftovers typically headed for a landfill. Shiner also uses ecological techniques, such as CNC technology, that require reduced labor and produce low energy. Using these elements and processes, Shiner offers a variety of modern pieces, such as desk lamps, hanging lamps, chairs, ottomans, and an assortment of tables.

Inmod’s commitment to eco-friendly furniture is continued with the addition of Shiner’s chic collection. Together with eco-friendly products, Inmod offers a vast selection of home accessories, including modern classic furniture inspired by iconic designs from the 20th century. Inmod is a reliable source for modern furniture and home accessories, as well as customizable designs. For more information on purchasing Shiner modern furnishings and lighting from Inmod, please visit

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