Blackboard 11 Area Rug


Blackboard 11 Area Rug

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Blackboard 11 Area Rug

We enjoy the humor combined with graphic sensibility of by Second Studio's Blackboard 11 Area Rug. When you were a kid you probably noticed how blackboards accumulate stripes of eraser dust during the day. We think the designers noticed it too, and used the dye variations in their handmade rug process to suggest it, underneath the very neat, rather childish script listing fun places around the world (plus the names of a couple of jazz greats). The modern rug comes in 4 color variants of the darker background. These hand-tufted, all-wool modern rugs are available in a full range of round and rectangular sizes. The Blackboard 11 Area Rug is handmade, therefore each rug's tints will vary slightly.

Features :
  • Modern 100% wool rug
  • Available in your choice of size & color
  • Hand-tufted
What’s Included :
  • (1) Blackboard 11 Area Rug
Shipping Method : FedEx / UPS / Small Parcel

Available Sizes:
  • 47" diameter
  • 66.75" diameter
  • 78.66" diameter
  • 90.5" diameter
  • 41" x 63"
  • 55" x 79"
  • 67" x 67"
  • 79" x 79"
  • 67" x 94"
  • 90" x 90"

Please note: Colors are subject to different dye lots and will vary slightly from drawings, pictures, and samples. As our products are handmade, the actual design of a manufactured rug will vary slightly from drawings, pictures, and samples.


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