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Welcome to the first and only collection of iconic mid-century furniture that pushes inspired design FORWARD. Origins By Inmod stands alone in offering an evolved generation of world-renowned designs that are in and of themselves CLASSICS.

Creativity Starts At Home

It's About You You're an individualist who appreciates good design and knows that a well-appointed living space is about creativity, utility, and self-expression. You are the kind of person who will search high and low for the perfect chair or sofa - one that reflects your own originality.

You live in the moment. You want it all now, and you are tired of customer service experiences that leave you wondering how some companies manage to stay in business. You're a practical individual, and you know that the courtesy of free shipping tells you much about the people with whom you are doing business.

It's About Choices You live in a world that seems to have no limits, and you love exploring how far your ideas can take you; you will settle for nothing less than the perfect living space -- one that meets your specific needs and also expresses who you are -- proving once and for all that creativity starts at home.

Origins by Inmod gives you the freedom to decide how your furniture will look and function. Design a mid-century icon, custom tailored in your choice of premium, responsibly sourced materials, hand-crafted with the highest standards of quality.

Custom Mid-Century Furniture

Classics Made Personal

Living in a world seamless boundaries has given us all the freedom to desire infinite possibilities, and has presented Inmod with the ultimate opportunity -- to build endlessly customizable designs that can be fully personalized to fit into YOUR world. Origins by Inmod gives you the freedom to decide what best suits or improves your everyday life.

Custom Swatches

Choose from carefully harvested American hardwoods and veneers, luxurious American & Italian Leathers, pristine Italian Marbles, a colorful spectrum of fiberglass colors and a half-dozen families of hand-picked European fabric collections that will cater to your own design sense. In fact, we're so committed to the idea of personalization that if you can't find a fabric or leather you LOVE, you can even use your own.

And if there's a classic you crave that you just can't find within our collection, well, give us a call and we'll do our best to make it happen! Whether we're forming a bent-plywood frame, carving wood detail, or stitching your custom upholstery, each piece is individually crafted with care, attention to detail and with YOU in mind. Let us send you your free swatch kit today!

Just call us at 973-276-0444 to request one.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture - In Stock & Ready to Ship

In Stock

Need a classic in a hurry? Shop the most expansive online inventory of the most coveted icons in the best-selling finishes. With thousands of items currently in stock, our super-quick turnaround ensures that the industry's most popular designs are available to ship within 2 business days!

Iconic Mid-Century Design

A 21st Century Approach to 20th Century DesignWe re-create 20th century icons as we believe their original designers would with today's technology and advancements in traditional production techniques. We step into the shoes of the designer, staying true to form and function, but always asking the key questions of "How would this design be produced today? How can we to take this to the next level, ensuring the highest production values and highest degrees of quality and safety while maintaining complete visual accuracy to the designer's vision?"

Commitment to Our Environment Part of re-creating yesterday's designs in today's reality is being conscious of the impact our decisions make on the environment. Our goal, simply put, is to make as little impact on the environment as possible. Seeking opportunities to minimize this impact and strengthen our commitment helps us sleep better. All of our available solid woods and veneers come from sustainable sources and are FSC certified.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Crafted from Responsibly Harvest FSC-Certified Wood


Earth's luxurious beauty exists all around us, and nature serves as the greatest inspiration for all things worthy of admiration. Ensuring that this beauty shines through each and every piece we craft is achieved through a highly selective process of domestic & exotic sourcing.

Origins By Inmod Woods & Metals

Woods & Metals Our FSC-Certified hardwoods & veneers are harvested from forests in North America and Imported from exotic sources which offer superior quality and grain detail. Superior frame construction is guaranteed through our use of the world's strongest metals, such as .304 Korean stainless steel, finished with high quality, expertly polished chroming that makes each piece shine.

Origins By Inmod - Marbles & Granites

Italian Marble & Granite We take luxury stone seriously, and you should as well. For us, the selection process does not begin and end at the quarry. Each piece of stone is unique, featuring its own grain pattern and what we call "personality." Only the finest make it through our own selection process, to ensure that each piece we shape and polish offers the perfect balance of the two, while capturing a luxurious mid-century look and feel that would make Mr. Saarinen himself proud.

Origins By Inmod - Fabrics & Leathers

Upholstery Our carefully selected American, Italian and Brazilian leather & fur hides ensure a luxurious feel, continuous grain, commercial-grade durability and seamless consistency from one piece to the next.

Our six fabric families blend a variety of wools and cottons into commercial- grade textiles which retain the natural feel and aesthetics but offer long-lasting durability in both homes and public spaces.