Inmod Announces Its Signature Mod Pod Egg Chair Is iPAD Compatible


HARRINGTON PARK, NJ (April 2, 2010) Inmod, a leader in modern furniture, announced today that its signature Mod Pod Egg Chair is iPad compatible. One of Inmodís best selling items, the Mod Pod Egg Chair pays homage to the Lee Westís classic Stereo Alpha Chair while offering the ultimate in sound isolation home theater. The Mod Pod Egg Chair has been used successfully with Appleís iPod for several years, and has now been tested to be compatible with the iPad as well.

Each Mod Pod Egg Chair is made in the USA, and has been sold exclusively by Inmod for the past eight years. As new technology meets this Inmod best-seller, the Mod Pod Egg Chair together with the iPad will take personalized entertainment to a whole new level.

The Mod Pod Egg Chair also works with the iPad to take gaming to the next level. The unconventional shape and construction of the Mod Pod Egg Chair provide sound isolation and promote excellent acoustics. Its chamber-like shape and upholstered interior cancel out most outside noise, enabling users to focus solely on their entertainment experience. These superior gaming features have lead to the Mod Podís use at the Nintendo Experience Store in New York City. Together with the iPad, the Mod Pod will take gaming to new heights.

Inmodís Mod Pod Egg Chairs have been used in commercials, at trade shows, in films, and in homes all over the world. In addition to its advanced audio capabilities, the Mod Pod Egg Chair is completely customizable and comes in each customerís choice of interior color, exterior color, trim, and with an optional ottoman.

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