Lights Up! Soiree Floor Lamp

Lights Up! Soiree Floor Lamp (Metallic Black and Gold/Antique Bronze)
Lights Up! Soiree Floor Lamp (Metallic Black and Gold/Antique Bronze)

Lights Up! Soiree Floor Lamp

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Lights Up! Soiree Floor Lamp

Featuring a sleek, unique silhouette crafted of quality materials, the Lights Up! Soiree Floor Lamp offers customizable sophistication to the contemporary space. Choose not only your finish color but also your favorite fabric style to embellish the oblong shade, and the Soiree Floor Lamp by Lights Up! is sure to shine, whether on its own or arranged in a set in the modern motif.


  • Shade available in: Metallics, deluxe solids
  • Base: 10.8" diameter
  • Shade: 20"top x 20"bottom x 10"side
  • Number of bulbs: 2 bulbs, 100W
  • Type of bulbs: Incandescent, CFL, LED
  • Bulb included: No
  • Voltage: 120V
  • On/off pull chains
  • Style: Modern, contemporary
  • This item may also be referenced as: 981AB-BKG, 981AB-BKL, 981AB-BLN, 981AB-BLP, 981AB-BUC, 981AB-CCC, 981AB-CRO, 981AB-DFG, 981AB-DIJ, 981AB-EGG, 981AB-GOL, 981AB-HON, 981AB-IVY, 981AB-LAC, 981AB-LNS, 981AB-MBG, 981AB-MBS, 981AB-MLF, 981AB-MWG, 981AB-MWS, 981AB-NAT, 981AB-PEB, 981AB-PEN, 981AB-PLA, 981AB-RDP, 981AB-ROS, 981AB-WHT, 981GD-BKG, 981GD-BKL, 981GD-BLN, 981GD-BLP, 981GD-BUC, 981GD-CCC, 981GD-CRO, 981GD-DFG, 981GD-DIJ, 981GD-EGG, 981GD-GOL, 981GD-HON, 981GD-IVY, 981GD-LAC, 981GD-LNS, 981GD-MBG, 981GD-MBS, 981GD-MLF, 981GD-MWG, 981GD-MWS, 981GD-NAT, 981GD-PEB, 981GD-PEN, 981GD-PLA, 981GD-RDP, 981GD-ROS, 981GD-WHT, 981WH-BKG, 981WH-BKL, 981WH-BLN, 981WH-BLP, 981WH-BUC, 981WH-CCC, 981WH-CRO, 981WH-DFG, 981WH-DIJ, 981WH-EGG, 981WH-GOL, 981WH-HON, 981WH-IVY, 981WH-LAC, 981WH-LNS, 981WH-MBG, 981WH-MBS, 981WH-MLF, 981WH-MWG, 981WH-MWS, 981WH-NAT, 981WH-PEB, 981WH-PEN, 981WH-PLA, 981WH-RDP, 981WH-ROS, 981WH-WHT


Weight10.8 lbs
What's Included(1) Lights Up! Soiree Floor Lamp
Shipping MethodFree Ground Shipping (UPS / FedEx)

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