Lights Up! Martha Table Lamp

Lights Up! Martha Table Lamp (Anna Green/Apple Glass)
Lights Up! Martha Table Lamp (Anna Green/Apple Glass)

Lights Up! Martha Table Lamp

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Lights Up! Martha Table Lamp

Offering visual and textural appeal in its elegant yet understated base and eye-catching artisanship up top, the Lights Up! Martha Table Lamp is meticulously made to make your own! Not only can you choose from two fresh finishes for its ridged base but you can also select the shade-fabric features that best suit your own unique space. As ideal alone as it is mixed or matched in set of two, the Martha Table Lamp by Lights Up! adds versatile style to various décor schemes, from classic to contemporary.


  • Shade available in: LU classics, metallics, parchment
  • Base: 5.5" diameter
  • Shade: 7"top x 9"bottom x 11"side
  • Number of bulbs: 1 bulb, 60W
  • Type of bulbs: Incandescent, CFL, LED
  • Bulb included: No
  • Voltage: 120V
  • On/off socket switch
  • Style: Modern, contemporary
  • This item may also be referenced as: 470AG-ANG, 470AG-ANR, 470AG-BKG, 470AG-BKL, 470AG-BKM, 470AG-BUC, 470AG-CCC, 470AG-CRO, 470AG-DFG, 470AG-EGG, 470AG-FBB, 470AG-FBD, 470AG-FBF, 470AG-FBG, 470AG-FBL, 470AG-FBP, 470AG-FRN, 470AG-GOL, 470AG-IVY, 470AG-KIM, 470AG-LAC, 470AG-MBG, 470AG-MBS, 470AG-MLF, 470AG-MWG, 470AG-MWS, 470AG-NAT, 470AG-PEB, 470AG-PHC, 470AG-PHN, 470AG-PHW, 470AG-PLA, 470AG-RBW, 470AG-RDM, 470AG-RDP, 470AG-WHT, 470MG-ANG, 470MG-ANR, 470MG-BKG, 470MG-BKL, 470MG-BKM, 470MG-BUC, 470MG-CCC, 470MG-CRO, 470MG-DFG, 470MG-EGG, 470MG-FBB, 470MG-FBD, 470MG-FBF, 470MG-FBG, 470MG-FBL, 470MG-FBP, 470MG-FRN, 470MG-GOL, 470MG-IVY, 470MG-KIM, 470MG-LAC, 470MG-MBG, 470MG-MBS, 470MG-MLF, 470MG-MWG, 470MG-MWS, 470MG-NAT, 470MG-PEB, 470MG-PHC, 470MG-PHN, 470MG-PHW, 470MG-PLA, 470MG-RBW, 470MG-RDM, 470MG-RDP, 470MG-WHT


Weight2.6 lbs
What's Included(1) Lights Up! Martha Table Lamp
Shipping MethodFree Ground Shipping (UPS / FedEx)

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