Triumph for Modern Furniture as Reunites with the Exposition Series from Alphaville Design


HARRINGTON PARK, NJ (June 1, 2010) –, a leading online retailer of modern furniture, is pleased to announce their reunion with the Exposition Series by Alphaville Design. The Exposition Series is a collection of modern classic furniture inspired by the designs of renowned modern architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Prior to 2008, was a leading retailer of Alphaville’s Exposition Series, specifically the Exposition Chair. Due to a legal dispute between Alphaville and modern furniture manufacturer Knoll Inc., Alphaville ceased distribution of the Exposition Chair in 2008. The Exposition Chair is a reproduction of Mies van der Rohe’s famous chair that was designed for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain. Mies also designed the German Pavilion, the building in which the Exposition was held.

In 1953, Mies van der Rohe ceded the rights for his chair over to Knoll, Inc., a modern furniture manufacturer. Although Knoll had trademarked the name of the chair, the patents held by Mies have long expired. The legalities of Alphaville’s production, selling and advertising of their inspired reproduction had been the main subject of dispute in what turned out to be an over 2-year litigation.

Due to an agreement made between Alphaville and Knoll in April 2010, Alphaville now has exclusive permission to revive the Exposition Series. This allows Inmod to reunite with the Exposition Series and resume sales. As mentioned above, the Exposition Series consists of the Exposition Chair as well as several designs derived from the well-known chair. The Exposition Series offers a premium quality alternative to Knoll’s Barcelona™ Chair at a fraction of the price. The Exposition Series includes several chairs, loveseat, sofa, several benches, daybeds and tables and is readily available for purchase at

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