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Widely recognized as a leader in personalized home décor, Inmod felt the bedroom & living room (everyone's favorite spaces) were the perfect places to start! Millions of possibilities are at your fingertips through Inmod's own Design Your Own Bedding & Design Your Own Pillow online apps (a.k.a. Inmod Design Studio), and no longer must you settle for 'off-the-shelf'. Just design it yourself! It's that easy.

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Using the Inmod Design Studio's Bedding & Pillow apps, you will instantly step into the shoes of the designer. With a vast selection of themed-patterns, embroidery colors and quality fabrics, designing your own decor is as fun and addicting as it is creative and rewarding.

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I can't seem to find bedding and pillows that match my style preferences. What would you recommend?

With our Design Your Own Bedding & Pillows technology, you can customize your bedding and pillows however you choose. We simplify the design process, giving you myriad tools you can use to pick and choose exactly what you want for your bedding and pillows. And within minutes, you'll be able to select your fabrics, colors and patterns to help complete your bedroom's décor. Take advantage of our Design Your Own Bedding & Pillows option, and you can create one-of-a-kind bedding and pillows for your bedroom.