Inmod Makes a Modern Decor Breakthrough With Its Design-It-Yourself Pillows


EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ (April 3, 2009) – Inmod (, a division of Evo Furniture LLC and a leading provider of modern and contemporary furniture, is pleased to introduce design-it-yourself pillows. Building on the success of its customizable duvets, Inmod expands its custom offerings with the addition of customizable pillows. Via a one-of-a-kind interactive application, visitors to Inmod can design single pillows or create entire pillow collections for their homes. is the only website to offer custom pillow design, continuing to give its customers more control over design, as demand for personalization continues to grow.

Inmod Exclusive
Inmod’s Design Studio is the only application of its kind, as it enables the creation of completely customizable pillows. Through the Design Studio, Inmod is able to offer countless design combinations and something to meet the style and preferences of each user. Each visitor transforms from consumer to designer, with complete control over the design of an entire pillow collection from the convenience of his or her computer. Custom pillows join custom duvets, fiberglass ball chairs, and stereo egg chairs in Inmod’s exclusive Design Studio.

Inmod’s Design Studio operates quickly from the user’s desktop via Inmod’s website (no registration or downloading required) in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. Each pillow takes only seconds to design, though this fun-to-use application makes it easy keep designing for hours. Users start by choosing a size and a fabric. Pillows are offered in 18”x18”and 26”x26” sizes and are available in several high-quality fabrics that include Cotton, Linen/Cotton Blend, and Silk Dupioni. Next, they choose from a variety of designs that address a broad range of imagery, drawing upon geometric, pop-culture, nature, and damask patterned themes. Each element of the design can then be personalized with a different embroidery color of the user’s choice. While users may design a single pillow, Inmod’s selection is robust enough to enable the creation of entire collections for complete home design.

New and Enhanced Features
Creating custom pillows in the Design Studio is quick and easy. Several new features have been added since Immod’s introduction of customized duvets to further enhance the user experience. Visitors who want something unique but don’t want to design themselves can utilize the Design Shuffle feature that generates a design combination completely at random. There is also now the ability to build an entire collection. After designing a pillow, the user has the choice to add it to the cart or save it to his or her collection. Collections store up to twelve pillows, which users can access in the future through the use of a login they create. This enables them to create solutions for entire rooms and see how various designs will work together.

The Demand for Customization
Inmod’s custom designed duvets quickly became its top sellers, proof of the overwhelming demand for personalized pieces. Inmod continues to address this growing trend with the addition of pillows to its Design Studio, giving more and more control to its customers who continue to both ask for and embrace it.

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