Soho Flat Armchair

Soho Flat Armchair (Furni-soft Leatherette - White)
Soho Flat Armchair (Furni-soft Leatherette - White)

Soho Flat Armchair

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Furni-Soft Leatherette
Leatherette is known for better-fitting and durability. It looks and feels like genuine leather. Despite being cost effective, leatherette seat covers provide the appeal and comfort of leather. Suitable for all climates, Soho Concept leatherette material is breathable, anti-microbial, flame retardant and easy to clean. It is made of 53% polyurethane, 32% polyester and 15% cotton.

Ercan Wool
Wool is a natural fiber with a number of excellent qualities and unique properties. Suitable for all climates, wool fibers adapt easily to room temperature, having a cooling effect in warm rooms and a warming effect in cold rooms. The fibers are elastic so they tolerate compression and stretching better than any other materials. Wool will always seek to regain its original shape, and therefore woollen textiles are highly resistant to wear and wil show few signs of creasing. Wool naturally repels dirt thanks to its unique structure of fibers and to the fact that it is not prone to static electricity. Intrinsically flame retardant, wool has a very high ignition temperature and chars rather than dripping or melting. It is made of 90% wool and 10% viscose.

Camira Blazer I Wool
Manufactured in the UK, Camira Wool is a totally natural, renewable and sustainable wool that gives task and soft seating a contemporary edge. Camira's most sustainable fabric ever is a unique blend of pure new wool and nettle fiber, creating an unrivalled environmental profile with inherent fire retardancy. The fibers are extracted using an environmentally preferable mechanical decortication process instead of separating them from the woody core by soaking them in chemicals or water. The Blazer range is made from 100% Lanev wool, sustainably produced and traceable right back to the individual farms in New Zealand. Totally natural and renewable, this contemporary fabric has a great palette of bold solid and melange shades.

Kent (Top-Grain) Leather
Top-grain leather is a natural material which is permeable to air and moisture; it is supple and soft, warm, flexible and durable-its characteristic comfort properties have been appreciated since time immemorial. With its fine finish, top-grain leather is flame resistant lightfast, oil-resistant and water repellent. It complies with today's most stringent standards. The exquisite beauty and true naturalness of top-grain leather is easy to clean and care for and it retains its original beauty for a very long time. Made of 100% top-grain leather.

Soho Flat Armchair

So how do you expect to complete your dining room design without the help of the Soho Flat Armchair? Youíve got a keen enough design intuition to know that itís impossible to put together the perfect dining room without the Soho Flat Armchair.

Whether itís just you and your loved ones at the dining table, or you decide to invite some VIP guests over for dinner, the Soho Flat Armchair will have everyone dining in style and comfort, with its flexible and strong "S"-structure springs and quality upholstery. So how many Soho Flat Armchairs is it going to take to complete your perfect dining room look?


  • Modern dining armchair with sled legs
  • Can be used as a dining chair or lounge chair
  • Seat & back in your choice of upholstery and is removable via velcro enclosure
  • Flexible and strong because of "s" shape internal springs
  • Suitable in residential and commercial settings
  • A Tayfur Ozkaynak design


Arm Height26"
Seat Height18"
WarrantySix Month Warranty
What's Included(1) Soho Flat Armchair
Shipping MethodFree Ground Shipping (UPS/FedEx)

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