Every Wall is a Blank Canvas

Expressing your inner-most creativity on a larger-than-life scale can be an exciting and artistic process. With a little pre-planning and some elbow grease, the process can be both a reflection of your own uniqueness and lead to a work of art on display for your friends, family, and most importantly, you. Here are some ideas on how to convert your living space into a personal museum.

Style & Medium
Before an artist touches a utensil, he or she decides on a medium. In doing so, some key questions are pondered. What sort of image will I create? Will it be abstract or literal? Will it be colorful, textural or both? Will it be flat or three-dimensional? Will it be a subtle reflection of my own sense of style, or will it be a gigantic scrapbook of creativity? Nobody can make these decisions for you, but we highly recommend consulting with immediate family members if you’d like to remain a key decision maker within your household.

Inspiration comes in many forms and it is all around us. If you are artistic to begin with, you probably won’t have to look very far, and there’s a good chance that inspiration has already planted its seeds deep within your cerebral cortex. But if you’re one of those people who aren’t quite sure where to start, here are some places you may want to look.

Frank Llyod Wright's Falling Water
Amenity Wall Hangings

Nature is without a doubt the most abundant source of inspiration for mankind, and it will never go out of style. Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright surveyed the geography, topography and foliage in the planning stages of each project, and constructed homes and institutions that functioned autonomously within these environments. “Falling Water” a modern home built on top of a waterfall, was geniusly constructed such that the flow of water drifts through its very foundation, creating pools and streams that cool its inhabitants during the summer months. The final product is an astonishing structure that incorporates nature into both its form and function.

There are endless possibilities in decorating a nature inspired living space. A subtle approach could involve a new paint job, incorporating earth tones, accented with objects or artifacts found in nature, such as leaves, branches or nature inspired art & photography. Renowned textile designer, Amenity offers a wonderful approach with their nature-inspired prints. There are about 10 different designs available in either cotton or linen, which can be ordered in several sizes and stretched (instructions included).

Click here to see all products by Amenity Home

Wallter Paintable Wall Applications

Geometry is undoubtedly one of the driving forces behind mid-century and modern interior design. Like nature, geometry also surrounds us and can be just as inspiring artistically. Geometry can be found in every facet of modern art and industrial design.

But geometry also sets boundaries and dictates our individual perceptions of our own environments. Those of us with thicker wallets can alter the geometry that surrounds us i.e. building or renovating, while those of us on a tight budget are faced only with the option of masking or disguising it to fit our personal tastes. In this way, geometry dictates our functionality as people.

Luckily, human creativity can help delineate the limits and boundaries set by our surrounding geometry with our ability to decorate. Walk through the MOMA and you will find yourself submerged in a geometric paradox filled with inspiration for decorating your walls graphically and sculpturally.

Fold Bedding / Wallter offer a really fun and affordable solution for geometric decorating with their paintable wall applications. They are available in about a dozen geometric patterns including circles, squares, rectangles, starbursts and retro slats and most can be ordered in a set of graduating sizes (Click here to view our paintable wall applications by Wallter). We recommend starting with a pencil and paper to do your initial planning. This will help you determine the exact number of panels required for your space. You may want to fill up an entire room, or use them minimally as accented décor. They can then be individually painted any color, and very easily planted on your walls with their self-adhesive backing.

Modular Space Panels from Spazia
Modular Space Panel from Spazia

An equally powerful force to geometry is light, which can be used to dramatically change our perception of our environment and all things visible. We have the ability to “paint with light,” taking into account color and intensity, two factors which can make a small room appear large, a decrepid or industrial space warm and inviting, and an ordinary or boring room appear full of life.

Modular wall sconces are a great way to add a new dimension to a finished or unfinished surface. For an ultra-modern appeal, check out the Space Panel by Spazia. Use one as a singular accent light source, or group multiple pieces together and create a futuristic wall of light. Again, you will want to do some pre-planning. Taking into the overall desired output of light and usage of space will help you determine the number of panels you will require, and the configuration necessary to achieve your desired look.