Baby Furniture Decorating Guide


For a long time, decorating the nursery consisted of choosing your favorite character or animal and filling the room with prints, bedding, and accent pieces that bore his or her likeness. While this may have created a fun atmosphere in the nursery, itís very unlikely this served very well to match or enhance the rest of your home. While we certainly wouldnít suggest sacrificing the happiness of your baby in the name of design, we feel itís our responsibility to let you know that itís now possible to have the best of both worlds- a happy baby and a stylish, contemporary home.

There is a growing trend of baby furniture mimicking modern furniture for adults, and the result is beautiful nurseries that combine all of the comforts your baby deserves with a style that's consistent with the rest of your home.

The Same Great Designers

The move to make baby furniture more modern and cohesive with the rest of the home is evident in the fact that many designers of products for adults are now offering baby furniture. These products enable you to create a nursery with a unified design, and one that echoes the style of the rest of your home.

Two examples of designers that create products for both adults and children are Amenity and Offi. Amenity offers a collection of nursery dťcor that includes prints and bedding for your babyís crib. Its products are nature-inspired with designs that feature bunnies, turtles, and other friends your baby will love. These designs are available throughout Amenityís entire baby collection, making it easy to create a room with unified style. With Amenity, you can fill your nursery with style and serenity, while ensuring it will beautifully complement the rest of your home.

Amenity Bunny Print   Offi Bebe Crib

Offi also offers a collection of baby furniture in addition to its line of contemporary furniture and accessories for adults. Chic pieces fit for your special little one were once hard to find, but Offi has made it simple. The Bebe Crib, for example, features a clean design that beautifully complements your modern furniture. This versatile crib also features a trundle underneath that stores extra linens and clothing until they are needed.

Baby Furniture Modeled After Modern Classics

One of the most well-known pieces of 20th century design is Eero Aarnioís Ball Chair. Having inspired numerous reproductions and the creation of other retro-modern, fiberglass pieces, the ball chairís impact on modern design is undeniable. In fact, even baby furniture has been inspired by this fiberglass classic.

Bloom Baby Fresco Baby Chair

The Fresco Classic Contemporary Baby Chair bears an undeniable resemblance to Aarnioís Ball Chair. This chair from Bloom Baby is conveniently adjustable and features a 360-degree swivel seat for easy access. With this chair, your baby furniture easily integrates with the overall look created by your contemporary furniture.

Modern and Multi-functional

Some of todayís best contemporary furniture is admired for being multifunctional. Baby furniture is also joining this category. Spot on Square, Amenity, and Argington all offer cribs that adjust as your baby grows. The Hiya Crib from Spot on Square features an adjustable platform that can be moved into three different positions to best accommodate a growing baby. The Oeuf Classic Crib from Amenity and the Sahara Crib from Argington both transform into toddler beds with optional conversion kits. Youíll be amazed at how fast your baby grows. Take advantage of these cribs that are both convenient and cost-effective.

Hiya Crib

Personal Touch

Once you have all of the essentials of your nursery in place, itís time to start thinking about accessories and the overall look of the room. New products with modern style, like those mentioned above, make it easy to create a contemporary look in your nursery. Now itís time to make this look your own. Many of the same elements and decorating ideas you use in your own living area transition seamlessly into the nursery.


Viso Globo Base Lamp
  Lighting plays an essential role in the atmosphere of any room. For a nursery, youíll want something that creates a peaceful atmosphere. The Globo Base Lamp is a great choice, as it infuses a soft, magical glow into the room. This lamp is available in several sizes and colors, enabling you to choose what best complements your nursery and your home.
Butterfly Mod Wall Art   Modern wall art is another element that works just as well in the nursery as any other room in the home. Wallter, a company that has been enhancing the walls of adults since 2004, now offers wall art especially for kids. The Butterfly makes an excellent addition to the nursery, as it features a fun, whimsical look any baby is sure to love.
dVider Kids Stickers  

Another great idea for the nursery is wall stickers. Easy to apply and to remove once your baby outgrows the nursery, modern wall stickers instantly add style to any room. The dVider Kids 03 Wall Stickers, features a family of ducks that your little one will love.

Itís never too early to introduce your little one to great design. With a few smart choices, itís easier than ever to create a nursery thatís both comfortable and stylish.