Ogallala Comfort Single Shell Pillow Insert Collection

Ogallala Comfort’s Single Shell Pillow Insert Collection is their base-line, standard pillow range, and a high standard it is. The filling is their signature Hypodown fill, composed of goose down and the airy natural fibers of the American milkweed, a better down than can be had from most retail sources. The outer, single shell of these insert pillows is 260 thread-count cotton with fine cotton piping along the edges. Fill firmness choice ranges from Soft to Extra Firm, to suit the bodies, preferences, and sleeping habits of just about everyone. The Single Shell Pillow Insert Collection includes Standard, Queen, and King sizes.

Features: Hypodown Specifications: Notes: Hypodown is four parts goose down, one part Syriaca clusters (fibers from milkweed). The higher percent down cluster, the higher the fill power. Hypodown also draws moisture away from the body during sleep, providing a more comfortable night's rest.