Ogallala Comfort Pearl White Pillow Insert Collection

Perhaps you want genuine luxury in your sleeping pillow? Then Ogallala Comfort’s Pearl White Pillow Insert Collection is for you. The Pearl White range is the top of their line, featuring the very finest grade Hypodown filling that combines goose down with resilient silken fibers of the American Milkweed plant. These opulent insert pillows have double shells, an interior case and built-in exterior pillow-protector of pure, white cotton with a slim satin piping along all edges. Select the firmness level and the size you want from the Pearl White Pillow Insert Collection, and treat your tired head -- and neck and shoulders, too -- to the sweetest rest they’ve ever had.

Features: Hypodown Specifications: Notes: Hypodown is four parts goose down, one part Syriaca clusters (fibers from milkweed). The higher percent down cluster, the higher the fill power. Hypodown also draws moisture away from the body during sleep, providing a more comfortable night's rest.