Ogallala Comfort Harvester Pillow Insert Collection

The relationship between a sleeper and his/her pillow is pretty intimate, and many of us want our pillows to be as natural, as free of synthetic materials as possible. The Ogallala Comfort Co.‘s Harvester Pillow Insert Collection fills that want with a comforting range of insert pillows made of unbleached cotton untouched by chemical treatments or dyes. The filling is of quality to match, Ogallala‘s innovative Hypodown fill, which combines airy goose down with silky fibers from the American milkweed, in ratios that produce firmness levels from Soft through Extra Firm. These insert pillows have double cases for built-in protection, carefully edged with cotton piping. Choose the firmness and size best for your body and look forward to a beautiful, natural sleep.

Features: Hypodown Specifications: Notes: Hypodown is four parts goose down, one part Syriaca clusters (fibers from milkweed). The higher percent down cluster, the higher the fill power. Hypodown also draws moisture away from the body during sleep, providing a more comfortable night's rest.