Ogallala Comfort Decorative Pillow Insert Collection

Ogallala Comfort Company’s Decorative Pillow Insert Collection means an end to those good-looking objects you put on sofa, chair, or bed, and then avoid actually leaning on! Why, after all, should a decorative pillow be hard? No reason, as shown by these utterly comfortable insert pillows stuffed with Ogallala’s Hypodown fill, a combination of goose down and Asclepias Syriaca clusters (the silky fibers of American milkweed). Put handsome covers on them. Ease yourself into them. Smile. The group includes different sizes of throw pillows, euro pillows, bolster pillows, and a boudoir pillow and neck roll pillow, all sold individually.

Features: The Ogallala Comfort Decorative Pillow Insert Collection features the following available items (sold individually):
Hypodown Specifications: Notes: Hypodown is four parts goose down, one part Syriaca clusters (fibers from milkweed). The higher percent down cluster, the higher the fill power. Hypodown also draws moisture away from the body during sleep, providing a more comfortable night's rest.