Mod Wall Art: Wallter Retro Teardrops


Mod Wall Art: Wallter Retro Teardrops (Set of 8)

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Mod Wall Art: Wallter Retro Teardrops (Set of 8)

The Teardrop set is one of the latest additions to the Wallter family. The nestled set range in size from 6" by 9.5" to 2.5" by 3.25". The 8 piece teardrops can be arranged in a light rainfall over the wall. For a softer approach in a child's room arrange multiple sets in a flower pattern. As more sets are added the options become endless.

For easy, no fuss installation these lightweight pieces have a peel-away 3M adhesive backing. The applications can be applied to almost any interior wall or door.

Specs: The teardrops are 1/2 inch deep, wood based, and primed ready for painting. Easiest to spray paint or can be brushed with an interior latex.

Note: These applications are permanent and may damage your wall, door or the product if removed.
Consider your design before you order—many examples require 2 or more sets.

Details & Dimensions

Overall: from 2.5 x 3" to 6 x 9"


Mod Wall Art: Wallter Retro Teardrops Set of 8

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