Mod Wall Art: Wallter Fish (Set of 5)


Mod Wall Art: Wallter Fish (Set of 5)

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Mod Wall Art: Wallter Fish (Set of 5)

Submerge yourself and loved ones in a sea of endless possibilities with the all-new WALLTER Fish paintable wall applications.

Once Wallter is applied, it’s strong hold becomes part of the wall, making it safer for a child’s room as it is not going to accidentally fall off the wall. The tactile effect of the Wallters is fun for kids to touch and experience. The large bold graphics are appealing and recognizable to young eyes, making the “Wallter for Kids” an all around fun choice for parents and kids alike. The Fish pattern is 1/2 inch deep, wood based, and primed ready for painting, Easiest to spray paint or can be brushed with an interior latex.


Mod Wall Art: Wallter Fish Set of 5

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