TwistTogether Lamp - Chocolate Collection


TwistTogether Lamp - Chocolate Collection

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TwistTogether Lamp - Chocolate Collection

Create an ultra modern and unique ambiance in any contemporary setting with the Twist Together Lamp Chocolate Collection. This fun and unconventional lamp is constructed of individual blocks which connect together and light up with a single twist. Depending on how it is arranged, this lamp can create a different illuminating atmosphere in any space. A single set of blocks allows for many magical creative lighting options, and by connecting multiple sets together, the creative possibilities are endless.

The Twist Together Lamp Chocolate Collection is powered through a single block, and with a patented key and connector system, with just a simple twist, more blocks are secured and safely energized. Each individual block lights up with LEDís which provide a low voltage and a long lasting light source, while using up less power than just any common night light.

Since its launch, the Twist Together Lamp has received extensive press of praise and recognition, including being voted as one of the top 25 products of the year in Interior Design Magazine.

Details & Dimensions

Overall: Each light: 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.25"


TwistTogether Lamp - Chocolate Collection

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