Sienna Fireplace

Sienna Fireplace
Sienna Fireplace

Sienna Fireplace

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Sienna Fireplace

The Sienna Fireplace combines Brasa's innovative modern design with the rustic familiarity of wood, an unforgettable piece of the traditional fireplace. However, the wood used in this portable fireplace's design isn't intended for burning but acts as a stylish accent that also enhances the fireplace's eco-friendly quality. The large, linear stainless steel burner, which burns renewable and environment-friendly bioethanol fuel to create a two-foot long ribbon of fire, is set into reclaimed elm treated using a Japanese charring technique. With its eco-friendly qualities and the rustic touch of wood, the Sienna Fireplace is an ideal replacement for a wood-burning fire. This fireplace is for indoor use only.

Details & Dimensions

Weight: 25 lbs
Width: 30"
Depth: 7"
Height: 3"

Features & specifications

  • Full fireplace with stainless steel XL burner
  • Outer surround made from reclaimed elm treated using Japanese Shou-sugi-ban technique
  • Spill-proof burner
  • Variable flame control
  • Inner baffle design creates a more controlled flame while reducing flare up
  • Includes long lighter and control wand
  • 2-foot ribbon of flame
  • Less susceptible to heat and burning because of the special charring technique
  • Slim profile makes it the perfect tabletop accessory
  • 3.5-quart fuel capacity
  • 240 minutes of burn time
  • 70 minutes per quart
  • 17,000 BTU per hour thermal output


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What's Included

(1) Sienna Fireplace

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Sienna Fireplace

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