Ogallala Comfort Monarch Duvet Collection

“Cold hands, warm heart”? Maybe -- but if you’re the sort who gets really chilly the minute the thermometer starts to drop, you know that struggling to keep warm is no fun, and no way to relax. Ogallala Comfort Company’s Monarch Duvet Collection could be your answer. This range of duvet inserts is filled with Ogallala’s warmest grade of Hypodown, a superbly insulating mixture of goose down and the silky fibers of the native American Milkweed, which will keep the coldest-handed of us cozy on the iciest nights. The fabric is an elegant sateen-weave, 300 thread-count long staple cotton, stitched in crisp box-pattern baffling, with a satin piping border. Order your Monarch Duvet from a wide range of sizes, heave a contented sigh, and snuggle in.

Features: Hypodown Specifications: Notes: Hypodown is four parts goose down, one part Syriaca clusters (fibers from milkweed). The higher percent down cluster, the higher the fill power. Hypodown also draws moisture away from the body during sleep, providing a more comfortable night's rest.

Weight Specifications: