HZL - Fusion Martinique X Rug


HZL - Fusion Martinique X Rug

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HZL - Fusion Martinique X Rug

The luxurious rug collection by Henzel, creates a dramatic atmosphere in any contemporary space. Each and every rug is handmade with the philosophy of the importance of high quality as opposed to mass production. These exquisite rugs are made of the finest quality imported 100% New Zealand wool; resistant to dirt and crushing allowing for a plush rug that is built to last.

The ultra contemporary designs on many of the Henzel rugs reflect different forms of pop culture, combining vibrant colors with an artistic edge, allowing for each rug to be a functional work of art, and becoming a focal point in any modern space.

Each one of these stylishly unique rugs is custom made to order, and is available in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. If you would be interested in a custom size or color not offered here please call us to discuss your requirements. The Fusion Martinique X Rug is also available as a Lounge Rug and an O rug.

Details & Dimensions

Overall: X Shape: 66" x 66"


HZL - Fusion Martinique X Rug

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