Garden Party Pillars (Set of 3)


Garden Party Pillars (Set of 3)

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Garden Party Pillars (Set of 3)

The Garden Party Pillars offer a great complement to your home both with their look and scent. These candles will make your home instantly more inviting with their alluring look and welcoming scent. Each is hand poured by skilled artisans.

The Garden Party Pillars Set includes three candles, each with its own unique color and fragrance combination. The green pillar features Kafir Lily and Bamboo Jasmine fragrances, the blue has Soft Amber Merino and Sea Mist scents, and the pink combines Tahitian Vanilla with Pomegranate Cassis. With a stunning look and wonderful scent, the Garden Party Pillars make a great addition to any home.

  • handpoured by skilled artisans
  • each pillar features a unique fragrance and color combination
  • set of 3
  • imported

Details & Dimensions

Overall: 3" x 6"


Garden Party Pillars Set of 3

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